Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peterson Power a Complete Emissions Solution Provider

Adhering to California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations can be complicated, especially when different regulations apply to different types of equipment. But from standby power generators to off-road tractors, businesses are required to implement approved emissions solutions on the majority of their diesel engines.

Peterson Power Systems is available not only to help customers understand current CARB requirements, we can also deliver an emissions solution that's right for your equipment, even if it means building it from scratch. Peterson engineers recently designed, built and installed a customized diesel particulate filter (DPF) for a customer with a standby power generation system.

The DPF was constructed on a skid, then delivered to the customer via truck. This allowed a team to perform minimal installation work on site.

For pictures of the installation, visit our Pinterest board at http://pinterest.com/petersoncat/power-systems/

For information on emissions solutions for stationary engines, dial 800.963.6446 and ask our receptionist to direct your call.